Calendar of Events and Classes


January 15 – 17
Pittsburgh USGBC Green Schools

Returning to this second round of this series we will help schools think about their aims in a holistic context. Thinking about what they are really trying to accomplish within the schools as well as throughout the community will help direct their projects and designs.


February 7 – 8
Permaculture Design Course
Denver, Colorado
Adam Brock, Jason Gerhardt, and Kelly Simmons have invited Joel as a guest teacher for one weekend of this Denver area course. Permaculture as a way of seeing applicable to all living systems from ecosystems to economies and organisms to organizations will be the theme.


April 1- 8
Winston Prep School
Norwalk Connecticut
Faculty and students will follow natural patterns in their bodies and the landscape as a break from and aid to their annual testing. They will also learn practices to assist them in the classroom and in their studies in general.


April and May
Institute of American Indian Arts
Leadership in Sustainability
As an on-going class we will design, build, and plant a water harvesting orchard on the campus. Students will learn the basics of water-harvesting and help to establish a rain-fed group of fruit trees that will feed the school for years.


Ecological Arts
University of New Mexico
Students will explore the Valle del Oro National Wildlife Refuge and how to use art to further the development and regeneration of the site.


May 14 – 16
Boulder Utah Town Park
The Town of Boulder will host Joel for a weekend food forest design workshop for their public downtown park following a free public lecture Friday night.


May 21 -23
Community Rebuilds, Moab Utah
We’ll return for the fourth year to spend three days working with Community Rebuilds’ interns learning how living systems function and how to apply those understandings to their own lives or the lives of their communities.


May 23 – 24
Four Corners Permaculture Convergence
Cortez, Colorado
This two day gathering of like minded people working in the Greater Southwest will be held outside of Cortez at the Curry homestead. Joel will deliver the final plenary talk. For more info:


May 24 – 30
Tracking Project Mentor Program
Cuba, New Mexico
This is the first of the three years for these mentors. As a part of the staff of the Tracking Project we will join John Stokes and the rest of the staff for this in-depth exploration of Nature’s mind.


May – July
The Regenerative Practitioner Series
This will be the fifth series for practitioners led by the staff of Regenesis. The on-line series culminates in a three day intensive in Santa Fe.


July 6 -12, July 20-26, 2015
Permaculture Design Course, Durango Colorado

Joel will join writer and wildcrafter Katrina Blair and Kelly McMenimen for this two part course held on working permaculture sites. For more information or to sign-up contact Katrina @


July 14 – 19
Pattern Mind Course, Amarillo Texas
Well known author and waterharvesting guru Brad Lancaster will join Joel for a five day course integrating permaculture, systems thinking, and tracking practices to help design two community projects, one urban and one rural. For more information or to sign-up please contact Mary at or call at (806)372-3442.

July 27 – August 3
Omega Institute, Reinbeck, New York
Joel will be in residency at the Omega Institute for this week. He will help close the month-long Ecoliteracy course, and hold a weekend course Seeing With Nature’s Mind the following weekend. In both we will be exploring the universal patterns of natural systems and how to read them to find the tiny change that makes a big difference in ecosystems and economies, organisms and organizations.


August 23 -29
Cuba, New Mexico
Tracking in the Southwest is one of the few courses open to adults offered by the Tracking Project. We will be camped in the western foothills of the Jemez Mountains and journey to Chaco Canyon for this tracking and nature and cultural awareness retreat. For more info contact:


September 14 – 16
Catskills, New York
YRG sustainability will have Joel return again to lead this private company retreat focused on thinking like nature.


September 21 – 27
Minnesota Men’s Conference
This will be Joel’s second year rejoining the skilled and storied facilitators of this conference begun many years ago by poet Robert Bly and participated in by many respected practitioners.


October 7 – 12
7 Group Retreat, Pennsylvania
We will join 7 Group for the fifth year of company retreats focused on thinking like nature.