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Pattern Mind Classes integrate the disciplines of Tracking, Living Systems Thinking, and Permaculture Design.


Their intention is to help students learn and experience the principles and patterns of how nature really works, how to track our own thinking, and to choose our habits and patterns of thinking and action to best influence larger systems. The integration of body movement and outdoor applied learning combined with classroom time and large and small working/thinking groups gives participants various avenues to understand and integrate the understandings.


By seeing the patterns in our own bodies, in the landscape, and in our thinking, society, and design, they are easily graspable and applicable. This multifaceted approach to learning takes into account and applies to multiple intelligences, minds, and learning styles.


Joel brings this integration into all of his teaching. It helps to bring depth to Permaculture and Tracking classes alike.


Classes tend to be scheduled to answer community needs and requests. To sponsor a course please contact us. Please see class schedule for those already planned.

Weekend introductory classes begin Friday evening and finish Sunday afternoon.


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